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Artist Bio

Sylvie Kettle

Sylvie Kettle is a young artist from the Northern Rivers, known for merging the feminine form with bold mark making and a dreamlike use of colour. The female figure becomes an avenue to a vast garden of meaning, where we find a touching intimacy with nature and energetic expression.

“I love to witness the unravelling of a painting. We get closer and closer to something that is never attainable but is momentarily experienced. It’s a process of constant rupture and repair, and somewhere along the pendulum I learn to trust and let the strokes take me where they want to go. It’s a beautiful journey, and a wild commitment to the unknown. The picture plane becomes an expression of this experience, not necessarily a conclusion to it.”

Kettle continues regular life drawing sessions where she traverses the line between spontaneity and informed mark-making. This internal dialogue of polarities compels Sylvie forward in her practice, forging a deep exploration of spirit, energetic connection & veiled truths.

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