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Artist Bio

Sasha Vatoff

New to this type of art, but an eternal artist, Sasha started his career back in the
90s in Sydney and quickly established himself as a DJ / Music Producer which saw him playing all over the world at music events and festivals.

Sasha’s creative mind lead him in many directions, one of his main incomes outside of music, was art installations with his business Hanging Tough. After building upa reputation as one of Sydney’s leading Art Installers, Sasha decided to create his own pieces using wood and textural mediums. His creative vision and unique art style were picked up by some of Sydney's most popular interior designers.

His piecesare all made using sustainable plyboard and hand crafted with many hours spent on working their shapes and curves. He has developed a multi layering process using an Acrylic Sand mixed with paint. Set in neutral tones, these pieces have attracted a demand in his work from not only within Australia but also internationally. Sasha has quickly become one of the most unique artists with his very simple idea.

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