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Artist Bio

Rachael Haack

Photographer, creative director, stylist and fashion afficionado Rachael Haack (Roxy) graduated with honours and today is an accomplished designer. She takes her inspiration from her travel and work around the world.

After an extensive career in Melbourne design studios and advertising agencies, her life evolved to the Middle East and London. There Rachael initiated and ran her own design business as she lived and worked in these unique environments.

Her introductory photographic series “The Jellies” was created in the Middle East. Rachael photographed ethereal jellyfish, exploring the idea of contrasting their extraordinary colours and translucent physicality with the country’s heated desert environment. She was captured by the concept of her subject transcending time and that some jellyfish are immortal. The movement of jellyfish reminded her of floating fabric connecting her to the innate sense of personal energy we all hold. Our clothing expresses an essential sense of ourselves, yet we veil who we are by our many layers.

Rachael’s images reflect vibrancy, a colourful life and movement. The timelessness of nature’s wonder and the journey of the inner self.

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