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Artist Bio

Olka Studio

Jarryd and Maria, the Melbourne based duo behind Olka Studio, create art that celebrates the power of natural light and shadow.

Their works are the result; tonal compositions that explore three-dimensional form in all its beauty. Having studied and eventually worked in the areas of visual art and industrial design, their artwork perfectly blurs the line between their two loves and has become the ultimate collaborative project.

Changing with the surrounding light, each piece takes on new expressions throughout the day, bringing walls to life. Honouring the work’s natural properties and playful minimalism, Jarryd and Maria aim to create accessible art that works to enliven blank walls, as well as promote an owner’s pre-adorned world, by simply adding to the allure and depth of the space. All their art is created from plaster, a lightweight material rich in texture and history.

Olka celebrates this humble material for its natural qualities and sculptural adaptability. Superbly well-suited to bring any form to life, casting plaster gives them the freedom to express their passion and creativity without limitations.

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