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Artist Bio

Nadia Robertson

Nadia is a self-taught artist, craftsperson and creator based in Melbourne.

Her clay sculptures and vessels are individually and uniquely created using traditional hand building techniques. She finds comfort and intimacy with earths primal matter - clay. 

Nadia's current sculptures convey a spatial beauty and undulating movements through space.   The invitation is to "slow down" and attune to natures ecological cycles. She works intuitively with the clay by listening and responding to nature's evolving playground.   

Her pieces are born out of the desire for appreciating and collecting natural materials from a beloved place - the sea and landscape. Seashells and seeds appear frequently in Nadia's works as they are considered mnemonic objects which physically trigger rich sensory memories.  

Nadia's reverence for nature is apparent in her work. Some of her pieces explore the fragility of our natural environment embracing the earth's porous textural surfaces and patterns. She continues to pledge that we are "allies of the earth" and encourages us to participate and receive in nature's intelligence and charm.

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