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Artist Bio

Miranda Rielly

Miranda is a designer and artist currently based on the Gold Coast, QLD.

Her curiosities in design and art started in her formative years, where both her parents (designers themselves) encouraged her creative exploration through various forms of expression, though it was always obvious that painting was an innate love from the beginning.

She began formal studies in visual art after finishing highschool but unsure of the career pursuit at the time, she switched courses and ended up completing her tertiary studies in design instead. Her foray into the design industry presented an opportunity to blend her passion for digital design and art, where she freelanced and began creating playful digital collages for fashion brands, inspiring her to experiment with this style in a more tactile way.

Her collaged paintings are an extension of this continued exploration and reference to her interests in the design world today - drawing on a passion for art, architecture, graphic design and photography. Her works are a bold and playful saturation of colour, pattern, shape and texture, composed through a layering of imagery found in magazines and taken herself.

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