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Artist Bio

Michele Luminato

Michele Luminato is an American-born contemporary artist living in Melbourne with her family.

She is influenced by modern aesthetics, minimalism and obsessed with celebrating uniqueness, self-expression and innovation. Michele’s distinctive work explores new ways of seeing paint as an object. They remind us of our own originality and to live fully through our own sensory experiences.

Her process uses colour to initiate a connection or memory and is driven by exploring, staying curious and open to the excitement of the painting surprising her along the way. Forms take on unexpected dimensions to make unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

Michele blends skills from her BFA foundations of Fine Art School, working professionally as a designer, directing product creation and trend and colour forecasting. All of which became a fertile compost for the work Michele makes now.

Each painting requires a lengthy process to come to life in its fully dimensional form so that every piece has a unique voice and expression of its own.

Her works can be found in collections in Australia and around the world.

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