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Artist Bio

Chelsea Alderton

Chelsea Alderton was introduced to art at a very young age, growing up she would watch her mother and grandmother create the most beautiful landscapes of their home in Zimbabwe.

In 2004, Chelsea was exposed to Australia’s beauty, inspired daily by her surroundings. It was not until she moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, where she started to take her passion seriously and began to explore acrylic, digital and ceramic mediums. Chelsea is strongly influenced and inspired by our spectacular eastern coastline; she uses soft, beachy colour pallets to recreate some of Australia’s iconic scenes. She is down to earth and calm, which is shown through her pieces.

After growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Chelsea has recently made the move to Sydney, where most of her recent work is inspired. Chelsea is fond of Sydney’s famous beaches and continues to be inspired by the laid-back atmosphere by the sea.

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