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Artist Bio

Boris Bombay

Boris Bombay derived from a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and a long overdue concept by artist and photographer, Dave Kulesza.

Before establishing himself as an architectural photographer, Dave had an interest in creating small tiled mosaics pieces of various console game characters, using small 2cm square tiles. It was a hobby that didn’t eventuate past the home walls and occasional gifts.

As a global pandemic un-folded, substantial working restrictions were implemented and time became in abundance, a creative concept stored away for years finally had the dust blown off of it.

Incapsulated by the Californian West Coast of the 80s, the square tile style of Boris Bombay explores nostalgia and is crafted together in an 8bit video games form. Bombay’s subject matter is inspired by various periods of architecture, pop culture, explosive colour, the neon night life and beach side sunsets.

Bombay seeks inspiration through re-created moments of existing subject matters locally and abroad. Light and colour evoking a certain mood in each scene, these nostalgic moments are translated into various sized mosaic pieces.

Boris Bombay represents an outlet to explore a new medium and continue to push personal creative boundaries by Dave Kulesza.

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