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Artist Bio

Annie Everingham

Annie Everingham is an artist and designer based in the coastal city of Newcastle, NSW. An intuitive and colour driven creative, Annie combines a love of textile design, textures and abstract patterns to encapsulate the elements of beauty found in everyday life, creating dreamy contemporary artworks using acrylic, inks and oil pastels.

While a keen illustrator and painter since childhood, Annie was formally trained in design, with no plans to pursue her art practice professionally. But while completing her graduate year of a fashion & textile design degree through the prestigious UTS Fashion program in Sydney, she fell in love with creating abstract textures and artworks through hand painting, dyeing and digital printing onto silks. After graduating from university in 2013 with a major in textiles, she began selling her own range of homewares. prints and stationery at local markets, and before long, had amassed a small following of clients who were also eager to get their hands on an original piece of art. Annie is now a full time artist and creative freelancer.

Her work is richly layered with references to the world of textiles, pattern, interiors, architecture, clashing cultures, flowers and natural elements.

Passionately exploring technique, composition and colour, she brings a youthful and unreserved signature style to each new work. Her paintings explore the intersections of line and colour, with an emphasis on bold hyper coloured shapes, feminine pastels, and expressive textures.

Excited by every possibility and pushing herself to uncover new potential, she is relishing in the pure joy of creating, constantly evolving her style and dynamic approach to art making.

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